Ceiling suspension systems

Since 1998, KEIL-MAHLER GmbH has been the official service partner of Deutsche Messe AG (DMAG) for ceiling suspension systems. Only a company with a flexible structure, extensive experience and expertise is capable of meeting the requirements in this area associated with e.g. entirely unique hall roof constructions, extremely high safety standards as well as the wide range of customer preferences.

Over the years of working in this industry, KEIL-MAHLER GmbH has installed hundreds of thousands of ceiling suspension systems and fitted millions of kilograms of loads on roof suspension structures in the fair halls of DMAG without incident!

In addition to the Implementations of the ceiling suspensions we are able to offer you even more benefits from rigging, lighting, sound and media technology.

Rigging and kinetics

KEIL-MAHLER GmbH began working as a tour and local rigger in the early 80s, which laid the foundation for our later development.

Just as technology evolves over time, so have we!

Today, our company also has an extensive inventory, which ensures that it can handle a wide range of rigging situations. Countless kilometres of cross beams and special parts e.g. for ground support solutions, hundreds of electric chain hoists, one of the most extensive inventories of sling gear in Europe as well as the complete BGV-C1 system of leading manufacturers for implementing complex movements in order to effectively stage events.

However, material alone is no guarantee for the perfect event. That’s why we started training our personnel early on and continue to do so. Only experienced, qualified personnel can ensure that your event goes smoothly and safely!

Technical event organisation

KEIL-MAHLER GmbH originated from a commitment to planning he perfect event. That is where our company has its roots. Our network with exclusive contractual partners at all key event locations assures you impeccable service. We install high-calibre, modern stages, light, sound, video technology and requisites based on your needs.

Success is no coincidence

Based on our shallow hierarchies, we develop an exceptional degree of rapidity and flexibility. And what’s more, close proximity to our customer, which is to be understood both locally as well as on a personal level. The long-time professional experience, which all of our employees boast in the area of event technology, makes us capable of responding to any requirement. From the first day on, we supervise your event, initiate all necessary permit procedures for you, and see them through to acceptance.

From perfectionist management and upkeep of your budget, the planning of the complete technical implementation of the event logistics right up to the final TÜV acceptance/on-site inspection, we assure you smooth event planning.


Events are about creating rooms full of atmosphere. Media technology ist he crucial element for any kind of live communication. We provide video, sound and light equipment for your event – no matter which size.



KEIL-MAHLER GmbH has been a competent contact for its customers for years for the planning and technical implementation of events. We cover a wide range of areas and create event concepts for: Ceiling covers of all kinds, for concerts, musicals, tournaments, festivals, but also for congresses and annual general meetings.

Thanks to a highly qualified team of employees, high-performance partnered companies from the areas of light, sound, video, and event technology and comprehensive service in consulting and logistics, extensive solutions are created from drafting up to completion. KEIL-MAHLER GmbH thereby assures a surpassingly high standard in terms of quality and safety in order to make any event into a complete success.

Every project is, in its own way, one of a kind and unique just like the client, developer, and viewer. A project has its own inner dramaturgy, its own unique character. The collective search for the right conduct, the right expression requires curiosity, openness, competence, and experience.

This knowledge has helped us in the past to create successful results-oriented concepts. With a high degree of commitment and expertise, we take on new challenges on an everyday basis, assume the responsibility for one-of-a-kind projects, and their content. Each individual employee therefore decisively contributes to the success of our clients.


Every project is unique in its own way, as is are its clients, developers, and observers. A project has its own specific character and its inner dramaturgy.

The concerted quest for the correct attitude as well as the fitting expression calls for curiosity, openness, competence, and experience.

In the past this realization has led us to success when working out solution-oriented concepts.

Every day we accept anew the challenge of taking responsibility for peerless projects and for keeping their contents.

This way every single employee is crucial to the success of our customers.


years of







Claudia Keil-Mahler
Frank Uwe Mahler
Master of Event Engineering
Assistant to the management
Katja Majer
Assistant to the management
Stella Kühne
Project management
Sebastian Vesper
Kundenberatung / Auftragskoordination / Erstellung von CAD Plänen
Project management
Alexander de Ney
Kundenberatung / Projektkoordination
Project management
A. Víctor Garzón Martín
Erstellung von CAD Plänen
Project management
Jana Meyer
Veranstaltungstechnikerin / Kundenberatung / Erstellen von CAD Plänen
Project management
Klaus Sokolowski
Erstellung von CAD Plänen
Warehouse dispatcher
Bernhard Lippke-Bonin
Disponent im Bereich Beschaffung Elektronik / Lagerleitung
Warehouse dispatcher
Peer Looft
Marketing and distribution
Martin Gräser
Head of department Berlin
Stephan Hoffmann




Deutsche Messe AG

Deutsche Messe AG develops, plans, and carries out fairs and exhibitions in Germany and abroad. Since 1996 Keil-Mahler GmbH has been the official service partner for ceiling suspensions in Hannover. A good working relationship and our day to day contact are the formula for successful work.

Mitglied der DThG PROLYTE GROUP Wir bilden aus


Headquarters Hannover

Münchener Str. 12–14
D-30880 Laatzen

Fon: +49 (0)511 - 22 88 07 0

Fax: +49 (0)511 - 22 88 07 4


Department Berlin

Unter den Linden 21
D-10117 Berlin

Fon: +49 (0)30 - 20 92 42 88



For over twenty years KEIL-MAHLER GmbH has been a trusted service partner for Deutsche Messe AG, planning and realising ceiling supsensions and all kinds of event technology. We are always looking for committed employees in the fields of event technology, rigging, and CAD software. If you are interested do not hesitate to contact us:

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For inquiries, questions or suggestions, please call +49 (0)511-228 80 70 or fill in the following form: